Saturday, July 6, 2013

#5. Walk "the Hill"


Flick was really hot/tired :(

#72. Hold a Leir baby


Baby Simon

#65. Pick up the cat.


Scariest moment of the year so far!  All feet were off the ground so it counts!  Also there is a leather jacket/oven mitt equipped for protection...

Friday, June 28, 2013

#96. Start a Blog


#20. Golf on a real golf course

(picture needed)


Our List

Here's our list started on 6/28/2013...

1.  Go on a hike at Mt. Rainier
2.  Take Flick to the ocean
3.  Make the Leir recipe book.
4.  Bake a pie
5.  Walk "the hill"
6.  Finish reading Insurgent
7.  Swim in a lake.
8.  Floss
9.  Make a new banner for Autumn's Classroom
10.  Learn 5 new chords on the ukulele.
11.  Read a book at the same time as Michael
12.  Register to vote in Auburn, WA
13.  Host a house warming party for ourselves
14.  Make homemade salsa without a mix
15.  Finish editing and publish Namibia book.
16.  Ride 5 different rides at the Puyallup Fair.
17.  Get Flick into Excellent
18.  Go snorkeling
19.  Play pounce with Michael's cousins
20.  Golf on a real golf course
21.  See the 2nd Hunger Games movie
22.  Spend a day with each niece and nephew. (    /7)
23.  Take Michael to the Mt. Baker condo.
24.  Build a good fire while camping at Lake Chelan
25.  Get a Master's Degree
26.  Combine our iTunes library
27.  Go to a dog show that is not at Argus Ranch.
28.  Make a snowman
29.  Feed each other chocolate covered strawberries on a picnic blanket
30.  Get engaged and get married
31.  Dive into a pool.
32.  Go to the Seattle Science Center
33.  Learn a new song on the piano.
34.  Make cupcakes with Funfetti frosting.
35.  Buy something from a garage sale
36.  Color a whole coloring book.
37.  Find the Cassiopeia constellation.
38.  Give the best high-five of my life.
39.  Visit Seabrook with Autumn & Flick
40.  Go to a county fair.
41.  Paint an actual painting
42.  Take a cooking class.
43.  Go to a Seattle Seahawks game against the 49ers.
44.  Learn how to play hearts.
45.  Beat my dad at cribbage.
46.  Memorize an important speech.
47.  Read 20 books front to back. (   /20)
48.  Go paintballing with my friends
49.  Not eat pizza/fast food for 3 months.
50.  Solve a 1000 piece puzzle.
51.  Donate $100 to charity ($       /$100)
52.  Learn my grandfather's true history in the military.
53.  Run a 10k
54.  Help a friend move in/out.
55.  Get Autumn an iPhone 5.
56.  Find Flick a new best friend
57.  Make 10 new friends  (    /10)
58.  Solve a mystery
59.  Visit a lighthouse
60.  Do a 5 minute thought write.
61.  Buy red khaki shorts
62.  Buy a camera
63.  Carve Autumn and Michael initials into a tree.
64.  Write a children's book about Flick
65.  Pick up the cat.
66.  Take Samantha on a road trip to wherever she wants.
67.  Tell my dad I love him.
68.  Plant a tree
69.  Buy the beef jerky near Lake Tapps
70.  Make a T-shirt Design for G.R. Soccer for Success
71.  See a concert at the Gorge
72.  Hold a Leir baby.
73.  Camp in Ellensburg
74.  Complete the Tough Mudder
75.  Pay my phone bill for 1 year.
76.  Make my own Relay for Life team
77.  Score under 90 on an 18 hole golf course
78.  Score 2 goals in 1 soccer game.
79.  Bench Press 250 pounds
80.  Apply for student loan forgiveness
81.  Grow a plant/garden/flower/vegetable
82.  Bury Treasure.
83.  Organize all our documents.
84.  See a waterfall.
85.  Bet on a wiener dog race.
86.  Grill a perfect steak.
87.  Win $100.00 on a bet.
88.  Professional Flick pictures.
89.  Backflip into water.
90.  Talk to Malea about the meaning of life.
91.  Drive-In Movie in the back of my truck.
92.  Have a full conversation with a  parent in Spanish.
93.  Pedicure
94.  Drink a bottle of wine on the Columbia River.
95.  Fix the composite bow.
96.  Start a blog
97.  Friend 20 people on Facebook.
98.  Visit the Tulip Farms
99.  Pick a basket of blueberries
100.  Get a tattoo.
101.  Find the stupid Geocache in Federal Way, along with 3 others.  (1/4)